Mohammad Ali Ashraf AWS Cloud Developer Associate - Golang • Python

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🚀 Passionate Golang Back-End Developer | AWS Certified | Tech Enthusiast 🚀

Hey there! 👋 I'm Mohammd Ali Ashraf, a dedicated Golang back-end developer with a proactive, can-do approach. Committed to driving team efficiency, I contribute innovative solutions and embrace continuous personal and collective growth. Excited to connect, collaborate, and explore new opportunities in the tech world! Let's make things happen together! 🚀✨

🌐 Open Source Contributions:

  • go-github:Contributed a complete module for GitHub Actions cache and corresponding unit tests.
  • gorm:Enhanced flexibility to override identifier length in gorm from corresponding database drivers.

🔧 Certifications:

🛠️ Tech Toolbox:

  • Golang Expert: Proficient in REST and gRPC APIs, SDKs, and Command Line Tools.
  • Open Source Contributor: Actively contributed to gorm and go-github projects.
  • Concurrent Programming Pro: Well-versed in go-routines and channels for effective concurrent programming.
  • Methodology Maven: Experienced in TDD and Agile methodologies.
  • Cloud Aficionado: AWS Certified Developer Associate with a deep interest in cloud computing.
  • Polyglot Programmer: Proficient in Go (Golang) and Python.
  • Database Dynamo: Experienced with MySQL and MongoDB.
  • Scripting Sorcerer: Proficient in Bash, Python, and Go scripting languages.
  • Source Code Maestro: Expertise in Git (Bitbucket and Github).
  • Container Commander: Skilled in Docker.


My most favorite languages for backend development is Golang, for some tasks i also use python.


My preferred technologies for back-end web programming and database architecture.


My favorite tools for version control, code editing, and container orchestration.

Featured Projects

Personal Website

QR Code Generator

QR code generator encodes passed url either in query param or as form into png generated qr image.

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Personal Website

FYP - Swipe Shop


Swipe Shop is an Ecomerce app with tik tok like interface. Users watch fun videos just like scrolling tik tok and place order for products they like. It is called swipe shop because shopping is now as easy as swiping you thumb. User can place order with just swiping.

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Perpetual Crusades

Al Tawhid


This project is developed using Python-Django. Al Tawid is an islamic finance learnig portal. Students can register and in multiple courses of 6 months to 1 year in finance management. And on completion earn verified certificates. It is a enterprise product so i cannot share its code.

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Personal Website



This project is developed using python-Django. It was my semester project. Medicom is an Ecomerce website for medicines.

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Personal Website

Certificate Generator

Certificate Generator app useful for generating certificates from a given template.

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Personal Website

Twitter Rumors Classification


Twitter Rumors is my Artificial Intelligence semester project.This project is and extension of previously done work on Pheme Dataset. Pheme is a dataset for training AI models for twitter rumors detection. In this project i used ensemble technique and combined 5 models: 1- LSTM, 2- GRU, 3- BiLSTM, 4- SimpleRNN, 5- TCNN.

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Perpetual Crusades

Mini Phone Book


Mini Phone book is a 3rd semester project. It is practical implementation of Data structure Double Linked List. Double linked list is implemented and used in phone book. It uses text files to save contacts.

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